Job Development

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The role of the Job Developer is to assist with all tasks related to the delivery of ATN Access Inc.’s employment services, e.g. paid and unpaid work placements, job monitoring, job coaching, etc.

The Job Developers primary task will be to assist individuals in landing permanent paid employment, and to engage in job development activities to ensure all client work placements are arranged in a timely manner. Once a potential employer has been identified, the Job Developer accompanies the client to an interview, negotiates job duties, and prepares the written agreement.

The Job Developer then monitors the placement on a weekly/bi-weekly basis and proactively addresses any issues which may arise. The Job Developer is responsible to attend the worksite and assist the client to meet employer expectations by learning job tasks, company policies, etc.

Job Growth

We Can Help You

We will take the time to make sure you are developing at the right pace.

Below is a summary of some of the things we can help you with:

  • Conduct assessment of individuals’ employability dimensions to determine suitability for services and make appropriate referrals both internally and externally to community services to support the successful completion of gained employment.
  • Identify placement/work needs for incentive and non-incentive work placement assistance (volunteer, job test, full time, part time work experience and on-the-job training opportunities.
  • Job Carving – Job Carving is the act of analyzing work duties performed in a given job and identifying specific tasks that might be created and assigned to an employee.
  • Job Creation – Job creation is a way to modify or restructure existing jobs or bring together a combination of job tasks that fill the work needs of an employer.
  • Job Coaching/Counselling – Provide one on one coaching/counselling to assist clients in the achievement of their employment goals as identified by their individual needs.
  • Job Maintenance – Assistance to be provided in the areas of: Job Search, Job Placement, Career Decision Making, or other identified employment needs.
  • Conduct outreach to clients, employers, community groups to promote services and facilitate job coaching and counsel.
  • Assist clients in achieving employment goals by providing individual employment counselling.
  • Provide direct job matching of current openings to clients. Offer qualified job candidates the opportunity to interview for posted jobs.
  • Facilitate client’s progress to Employment team.

For more information please contact our Job Developers, Bobbie Jo Barker, at / 519-433-7950 ext 236 or Laurie Ford, at / 519-433-7950 ext 503.